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Opening hours & prices

Opening hours: 

Daily opened 

09: 00 - 18.00

Different times

Playground      10: 00 - 18.00

Madagascar  10: 00 - 18.00

Lori Landing  10: 30 - 17.30                          

Entrance fee from March 29, 2024

Online          from  € 18,00

Check out            € 21,00

Parking      € 5,00

Exit ticket available online and at the cash register.

Everyone is welcome

To make your visit to our beautiful park even more enjoyable, there are various facilities in the park. 

Times feeding presentations

pygmy monkeys      11:00

pelicans         12:00

Lemurs          12:30

Penguins           14:15 

Lemurs          16:00 


Times experiences

Lories feeding                               

10:30 to 17:30

Bird demonstration

13:30 PM and 15.00:XNUMX PM


10:00 to 18:00 

Route, parking & public transport

Vogelpark Avifauna is very centrally located, about a 30-minute drive from Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam. From the A4 and A12 take the Alphen aan den Rijn exit. When you arrive in Alphen, the ANWB signs point the way to the bird park.

Parking  € 5,00 per day

The map

Do you wantdon't miss anything? On the map of onthey zoo you see exactly where the animal shelters are and wany facilities you can find. Well as easy as you want to fully enjoy of your day out 

Can be purchased online and at the cash register: exit ticket €5,00

and so

Experiences of Avifauna

A cozy dday out starts in Avifauna. With us you can admire all kinds of birds and other animals in their natural habitate living environment. You might prefer to run straight to the adventure playground or do you mainly come to learn more about nature, but we always make sure you have an unforgettable day! 

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Avifauna does more

Every day we provide hundreds of visitors with a fun day, but did you know that Avifauna also does a lot for nature conservation at home and abroad? If have foundation we are not for profit, so every euro is reinvested in the animals and in the park. This social significance sometimes remains somewhat underexposed, but you can read all about it here!   

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Support Avifauna

Do you have a warm heart for Avifauna and do you want to contribute to the idealistic goals that we pursue? Then you might like to volunteer at our zoo. Would you rather support us financially? Register as a donor or opt for a symbolic adoption of an animal species or an animal residence in our park. This is how you stay involved! 

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Feeding Madagascar area

The last news...

Empty Nest Setters

Breeding of Steller's sea eagles unfortunately failed

Steller's sea eagle

First egg of Steller's sea eagles hatched! Watch live via the site.


Avifauna helps: Extinct parrot species returns to Aruba

Christmas balls 2

Celebrate Christmas among the animals!

Ribbed Rhino Boy 2

Ribbed hornbills from the egg!

kiwi Maya

Special! Kiwi from the egg

Five years after the Dutch first, another kiwi has hatched
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Great zoo.

Beautifully set up zoo and laid out better than the zoo in Emmen, where you always walk in the same direction and there are more eateries than animals to see.
Would you recommend us? Ja

It was a fantastic day!

Enjoyed the Lemurs and Loris but the bird show was spectacular! Flying gems and the music, extraordinary. Just a small downside; why do people always think we are deaf? [...]
Would you recommend us? Ja
- Berkel and Rodenrijs

Wonderful place!

Recommended to visit for everyone
Would you recommend us? Ja
- Spijkenisse

Beautiful park for young and old

Visited avifauna in combination with life dinner buffet for Mother's Day. My mother used to go there with her parents when she was little and wanted to see if it was much [...]
Would you recommend us? Ja
- Assendelft

crowned crane

Crowned Crane


Traditionally, Avifauna has a special predilection for birds, but more than 220 now live there different bird species and a 15-tal mammals and reptiles in our park. Have you ever really heard the red howler monkey roar? Or see a kiwi hatch from the egg? Did the steller see the white-tailed eagle spread its wings? Or… well, you know what, see for yourself! 


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